759Store to sell online

Discount variety retailer 759Store is to launch an eCommerce site on August 8.

759Store, owned by CEC International Holdings, is a Japanese-inspired retail concept which aims to replicate the residential Japan shopping model in Hong Kong. It stocks products sourced from all over the world landed as parallel or direct imports.

In chinese, 759Store is called “759阿信屋 (pronounced as 759Oshinya) in which “ya” means “house” in Japanese and “Oshin” comes from a famous Asian TV drama in the 1980`s telling a story of a Japanese woman named “Oshin” who overcame a lot of hardship during her whole life.

The first 759Store opened at Kwai Chung Plaza in 2010 and the brand has since grown into a network of 247 outlets. Now, CEC has decided to expand the concept online, even though chairman Lam Wai-chun says it might take five years to turn a profit from eCommerce.

Opening online will not only create an additional sales channel for the brand, it will provide useful data to assist with future store locations and help the company gain experience for “regional online shopping”.

Lam Wai-chan says he aims to sell a modest $10 million worth of products online in the first year. Categories will be added progressively, with pet products the first one to feature on opening day. Household products and personal care items will follow.


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