Pokemon hangs out at Grana

Grana, the direct-to-consumer eCommerce fashion retailer, has become one of the first Hong Kong retailers to climb aboard the Pokemon Go craze.

Grana joined the ‘Pokemon universe’ by luring the cartoon character into The Fitting Room (TFR) located in Sheung Wan.

Pokemon Grana. 2

Pokemon fans will receive fist bumps from its offline retail team and a special promo code for those who successfully catch a Pokemon while in-store.

Pokemon Grana

“We wanted to create a new location and experience for Pokemon fans to catch ‘em all. This way people in the neighbourhood can come in, catch a Pokemon, say hi to our team and continue their journey to catch more down the road”, said Luke Grana, CEO & Founder at Grana.

Fearow has already been caught in Grana’s The Fitting Room, located at 108 Hollywood Rd in Sheung Wan. He will be lurking there for the rest of the week.


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