Christian Dior China bags customers on WeChat

Christian Dior China has become the first luxury brand to sell top-end bags on messaging and social network WeChat.

With an eye on Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi) on August 9, it offered its limited-edition Lady Dior bag on the platform this week. It was to be available until today, but sold out on Tuesday.

As a special extra, consumers were able to drag online pictures of decorations on to the bag, so it could be tailored for their preferences.

Buyers could pay through WeChat for the bag, priced at 28,000 yuan (US$4210).

Other luxury brands, including Cartier, Longchamp and Montblanc have already launched online sales platforms on WeChat, providing special services and discounts.

For the first half of this year, Dior’s net profits fell 30.2 per cent to €74 million ($82.8 million).


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