Tourists drive Sa Sa sales

Sales performance has improved marginally for cosmetics chain Sa Sa International Holdings for its third quarter, to the end of December.

This was mainly a result of a rise in numbers of mainland customers driving a 5.4 per cent increase in the number of transactions in Hong Kong and Macau while local trade remained flat. However, the average sales per transaction of local customers increased by 0.2 per cent while for mainland customers there was a 3.6 per cent drop.

Sa Sa sales growth is a result of the group’s ongoing efforts to adjust its product offerings to adapt to the market demand for trendy products, the company says. This also resulted in continued downward pressure on gross profit margin for the quarter.

For the quarter, the group’s retail and wholesale turnover eased up by 0.9 per cent year-on-year, while the figures for other markets outside Hong Kong and Macau – including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and online – were flat.

Following the gradual tapering of year-on-year retail sales decline in the first and second quarters in Hong Kong and Macau, same-store Sa Sa sales in the third quarter fell by 2 per cent while retail sales rose by 1 per cent.

Sa Sa had 290 outlets in total at the end of December, up from 283 as at September 30. For Hong Kong and Macau, there were 115 outlets, up by two; China had three more stores for a total of 56; Singapore lost two stores to finish the year with 21; Malaysia gained five outlets for 73; and Taiwan lost a store to end the year with 25.


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