US fair for Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium has launched its first American products fair showcasing skincare, health and beauty products for two months in its Jordon flagship store.

Director Andrew Yu says that while the 58-year-old retail store has always been good with traditional Chinese products, it is looking to include more modern elements into its merchandising and branding. While health products such as Chinese medicine, herbs, organic foodstuff, medical and health appliances have been the best sellers in recent years, Yu expects American brands, “known for their innovation in product development”, to perform well.

“Consumers are conscious about their own health and their family’s well being, and they opt for products with natural and organic active ingredients. We feel that these products could complement our existing healthcare products.”

Yue Hwa has previously hosted international product fairs, including Indonesia, Canada (food) and Thailand. Yu says the company has been going through a rebranding over the past four years to become a one-stop shop, and is actively seeking to foster new partnerships.

“We recently worked with young local designers to bring our customers modern Chinese cheongsams and fashion,” he says. “We also started classes and workshops in our store for Chinese calligraphy, painting, porcelain painting, qipao DIY and tea-tasting.”

Together with an attempt to position itself as an incubator for small and medium-sized enterprises, Yu believes the US product show will enhance Yue Hwa as a platform for companies to expand their foothold. The venture, in co-operation with the California State Trade and Export Promotion, involves SMEs from the US.

California State Trade and Export Promotion director Jeff Williamson says the partnership is an opportunity to reach the traditional Chinese consumer.


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