Third Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham line on way

The Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham line is being expanded, with the launch announced for September.

Her two previous collections for the label sold out instantly, and the company is now doubling its Beckham products to 28. As well as 10 products from the previous collections, there will be 18 new items.

In keeping with the themes of the previous collections, the new line will be inspired by the cities of London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris, with Miami as a new addition.

As well as increasing the number of products, Estee Lauder is widening their distribution. The upcoming collection will be available at 1200 retailers, compared to 450 previously. Production will be tripled.

More expensive products are being introduced this time, including a US$700 makeup pouch containing six products, and a $1500 light box.

Beckham has also discussed the possibility of creating a skincare line, and expanding the collection to eyebrow and foundation products.

Beckham’s first collection, a limited edition last September, sold out so quickly a second limited-edition Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder collection was launched in the spring.


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