Starbucks Korea to trial voice ordering with AI

Starbucks Korea is to partner with the country’s largest telco in a trial of voice ordering using AI.

If it works, Starbucks customers will be able to order and pay for a coffee just by speaking, speeding the payment process.

SK Telecom Co says the trial will use the company’s AI device Nugu, released last September, which focuses on providing household-related services. Earlier this month, SK Telecom released a portable edition of Nugu, seeking to tap deeper into the AI industry.

Nugu provides various services to users, including music streaming, Internet-of-Things solutions, schedule management and weather alerts.

The mobile carrier also plans to connect Nugu to its driving-navigation platform T-map, allowing drivers to order drinks and locate the nearest drive-thru Starbucks shops. If the development is completed, drivers will be able to safely order drinks without having to tap their smartphones.

Starbucks Korea and SK Telecom plan to complete the development by the end of the year.


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