CSS #StateYourStyle jewellery roadshow touring China

Retailer Chow Sang Sang (CSS) has launched a China-wide jewellery roadshow, #StateYourStyle, featuring digital installations.

Based on the belief that style should not be prescribed, but rather come from within, the promotion encourages customers to be bold, be themselves and show off their own, individual style by mixing and matching CSS jewellery.

“With the popularity of the fast-fashion concept, people may forget about their own character and style,” says CSS marketing director Cecilia Yim. “With the #StateYourStyle campaign, we want to remind consumers to be themselves. Expressing one’s inner attitude and character is the most authentic beauty and fashion statement one can make.”

Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong has designed the pop-up roadshow, which is visiting tier-one and -two cities across China. In contrast to static jewellery displays, the pop-up embodies interactivity by offering three different experiences corresponding to such character traits as cool, playful or ladylike. Each room gives participants the opportunity to let their own style shine with the jewellery.

The first room invites visitors to pose like a fashion model. The studio set-up captures the whole experience, and participants can browse and edit their pictures. In the second room, visitors demonstrate their creativity by composing a song with an interactive music box using CSS charms, rings and pendants. The final room lets visitors express their feminine style through a sensor that captures hand gestures. An interactive wall lights up to highlight different attributes.

“Instead of a museum-like set-up where it seems every item has an invisible ‘do not touch’ sign hovering above it, the CSS roadshow is playful, fun and engaging,” says Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong head Leo Tsui.

“After all, ‘boring’ is no-one’s style.”

Visitors can share the results of their experience on social media through a QR code.

So far the show has visited Beijing, Chongxing and Shanghai.


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