Digital engagement crucial through the entire customer journey

How can retailers and brands engage customers digitally and innovatively in the modern connected world?

That’s the core of the Digital Engagement Summit 2017, being organised by PCCW Solutions this month, with the end goal of arming companies in the retail, manufacturing and property industries with an advantage over their competitors – both online and offline.

“Companies try to ensure that customers will be happy with the interaction when they connect with their product, customer service, sales staff, or marketing materials. But this siloed focus on individual touchpoints misses the bigger and more important picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience,” explains Raymond Chan, SVP of PCCW Solutions.

“Only by looking at the customer’s experience through his or her own eyes along the entire customer journey they take can the companies begin to understand how to meaningfully improve performance.This summit is all about helping retailers understand that challenge and leading them through the customer journey so they can build stronger, closer, more personalised communication – and ultimately boost sales.”

Chan says markets are constantly and rapidly changing. Digitalisation has become a key factor for corporations of all sizes to seize comparative advantages and deliver revolutionary customer experience.

PCCW Solutions has engaged experts from within and outside the company to give retailers different perspectives during the summit, which focuses on engagement throughout the entire customer journey.

A panel speaker is Ravel Lai, an IT & digital veteran with over 25 years’ experience in the retail industry including in fashion, FMCG, food & beverage and shopping centres. He has spent the last four years with Jardine Restaurant Group Hong Kong as regional IT & digital director, managing the IT & digital teams for both Pizza Hut and KFC in HK, Macau, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Lai has driven a lot of IT projects, mapping out key digital platforms for e-commerce, social media CRM and digital campaigns. Last year, he led the Pizza Hut team to win several awards for customer engagement through technology.

Joining him will be Raymond Chan, a specialist in retail manufacturing and logistics in Hong Kong and the PRC with PCCW Solutions.

The speakers will use real case examples to walk the audience through the customer journeys, stretching across multiple channels and touchpoints, including many things that happen before, during, and after the experience of a product or service. Along those journeys, adoption of innovation and technology by the companies is the catalyst to the success of enhancing customer satisfaction, improving sales and retention, and reducing end-to-end service cost.

The audience will see the customer journey from multi interaction between the customers, manufacturers, retailers/e-commerce operators and shopping mall operators respectively at stages of Awareness, Exploration, Experience and Retention.

PCCW Solutions is actively working with a number of large Hong Kong and regional retail businesses, offering total solutions.

“We are not just an IT service provider. We understand retail and we can supply a complete ecosystem for retailers whether they are working online, offline or through multiple channels. We have established partnerships with trust solution providers in the IT industry, spanning customer relationship management tools, POS systems, data analytics and other key disciplines essential in understanding customer behavior, monitoring stock and supply chain issues and enhancing the overall business.”

Digital Engagement Summit 2017 is a half day conference bringing together over 150 senior executives and managers from retail, manufacturing and property industries.

To read the full agenda or register for the event, click on this link.

For further information, email [email protected]


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