Heuer Globetrotter exhibition rolls out in 10 global cities

Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer is launching simultaneous collections in 10 leading global cities from September 16.

Dubbed the “Heuer Globetrotter” exhibition, it will feature a curated selection of more than 400 vintage timepieces, each of the 10 displays curated to the host city. Those cities are Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, Geneva, Munich, Venice, Dubai, Sydney and Miami.

The timepieces will be sourced from tag heuer’s museum in La Chau-de-Fonds, the Louis Vuitton-owned brand’s home city in Switzerland.

The exhibitions are aimed at watch enthusiasts, collectors and the general public. They will feature all sorts of timepieces ranging from pocket watches to dashboard-inspired wristwatches – including the Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans.

Each city will also showcase a selection of 20 watches chosen by a local collector and sourced from collectors in the region.

Singapore’s exhibition will include the brand’s long-running Formula One association, Hong Kong’s theme will be Automobiles Pilots, and Tokyo’s “Design throughout history”.


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