Sake Central to celebrate Japanese culture

Described as a multifunctional retail and education space, Sake Central has taken over a chunk of Soho’s PMQ to celebrate Japanese culture through food and drink.

The Central project is being led by a trio of F&B entities versed in Japanese culture, Elliot Faber, Ken Nagai and Takashi Endo.

Sake Central comprises a labyrinth of rooms designed to tap into all aspects of eating, drinking and learning about Japanese food and culture, reports Hong Kong Tatler. The rooms include a Cultural Pavilion, which serves as a promotional platform for Japan’s 47 prefectures; a Brand Showcase section, featuring eight different sake breweries at a time; and a Curated Collection room highlighting Japanese culture, from literature to glassware and ceramics.

Finally, Bar Sake Central is a 16-seat bar and retail space where customers can buy any of the 200 bottles on show at any one time. However, its main purpose is allow guests to sample the diverse range of sake on offer, matched with a seasonal menu of otsumami (small snacks designed to be eaten with alcohol).

The space has temperature control settings and special LED lighting to protect the integrity of the bottled sake.

* Photo: Hong Kong Tatler.


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