Harry Potter cafe opens in Mong Kok

A Harry Potter cafe has opened in Hong Kong, named 9¾ Cafe after the hidden Hogwarts Express platform at King’s Cross Station in London.

On Yin Chong Street in Mong Kok, the cafe features wall-mounted wands and broomsticks, stuffed owls, portraits of witches and wizards, and candlelight (electric), reports Coconuts Hong Kong.

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 2

There is even a half-disappearing luggage trolley, as featured at King’s Cross Station, complete with Hedwig in a cage.

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 1

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 3

On the drinks menu are some Harry Potter-specific concoctions, such as the Polyjuice Potion, Amortentia love potion, golden Felix Felicis (aka “liquid luck”), and Veritaserum. Visitors 18 years and older can down a pint of Butterbeer.

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 5

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 4

For food, the cafe serves Western starters and mains named after mythical creatures and charms from the Harry Potter series, such as the soft-shell crab Aragog salad, Romanian longhorn pumpkin pasta (after one of the dragons from Goblet of Fire), and Prior Incantato cream of mushroom soup.

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 6

Harry Potter cafe - Mong Kok 7


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