Macau Consumer Council taking certification online

Online Certified Shops 1To protect the rights of online shoppers, the Macau Consumer Council will extend its Certified Shops program to Online Certified Shops next year.

Basic requirements for becoming an Online Certified Shop include: online transaction region must include Macau, a separate website or app, and clear details of payments and transactions.

The shop is also responsible for transaction security and ensuring the privacy of consumers’ personal details.

Retailers who pass the council’s evaluation will be awarded the Online Certified Shop emblem. Shops carrying the emblem must resolve customer disputes.


The council says it will monitor the scheme initially to ensure its effectiveness.

Applications are being accepted first from Certified Shop owners who have an online business. The council will help these shops expand online. Once the new Consumer Protection Law is published, the council hopes to include other individual online shops in the program.

Consumers can also be involved by making reviews and inquiries, as well as leaving comments on the Online Certified Shops area of the council’s website. Where necessary, businesses have 72 hours to respond to messages. The council will monitor the process and evaluate shop performance.


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