Calvin Klein Hong Kong opens “sexy” IFC mall store

Calvin Klein Hong Kong has opened a new store in IFC Mall showcasing its underwear collection.

The 1700sqft (160sqm) store’s minimalist-style design features concrete floors with concrete-style ceilings and walls giving it an edgy, urban feel. The service counter is placed on a scarlet red rug which creates a stark contrast to the grey look.

Calvin Klein store - IFC

Stock is displayed on walls which defy traditional square-box store layouts. Mannequins hang from the ceiling without touching the floor and there is a bold wall-mounted LED display creating a focal point towards the front of the space.

Besides men’s and women’s undergarments, the store sells denim jeans, jackets, accessories, sunglasses and fragrances.  

The company says the interior design is aimed at creating a unique setting to convey the brand’s “sexy, seductive and modern identity”.


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