Zara unveils CleverFlex self-service pick-up kiosk

Spanish fast-fashion retailer Zara has installed a self-service kiosk at one of its stores to provide a flexible shopping experience for online customers. reports that when a package arrives to the kiosk, the customer receives a notification and can go to the location to pick up their item at their convenience. The CleverFlex kiosk, provided by Estonia-headquartered technology company Cleveron, has the capacity to store up to 4000 parcels – double the number of the Walmart’s pickup towers.

The CleverFlex has a sleek white exterior and a modular design that allows retailers to customise its height and width according to their aesthetic preferences, and even being able to hide it behind a wall. The kiosks have been created to further streamline the customer online shopping experience, with the CleverFlex retrieving the correct parcel for a shopper in a matter of seconds.

The creation of the CleverFlex kiosk “is another step in simplifying the connection between a retailer’s online entity and physical stores,” observes Springwise.

“CleverFlex also has some some self-learning capabilities as it can remember parcel traffic peak times and predict user activity based on past data to optimise its workflow.”

Self-service kiosks are increasingly popular across many industries, with deliveries that go directly to a smart locker streamlining the pick up process for the apartment residents and a pay-as-you-go pantry placed within an office both popular examples.


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