HBX pop-up introduces crystal-infused fashion

Los Angeles fashion collective Advisory Board Crystals (ABC) has just brought its creations to Hong Kong as part of online retailer HBX’s curated pop-up shop at Landmark in Central.

ABC combines conceptual streetwear with crystals, with its designs being worn by rapper Future and hip-hop trio Migos, and its collection being stocked by Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Colette.

Advisory Board Crystals Radiant Cities Hoodie

Advisory Board Crystals Radiant Cities Hoodie

It first introduced t-shirts, each custom dyed by founders Remington Guest and Heather Haber using their own crystal-infused process. Each shirt comes with a label detailing the scientific properties of each crystal used and the possible effects on the wearer. Each items comes in a sealed vacuum pack with security labels.

Advisory Board Crystals Harmony T-Shirt

Advisory Board Crystals Harmony T-Shirt

Guest and Haber have added streetwear staples such as hoodies and jogging pants, and chose to collaborate with different retailers on one-off projects. During their research, the couple learned that the site of their pop-up was once home to the Hongkong hotel. They searched out the hotel’s logos and luggage tags and printed them on parts of the collection.

“We try to create something specific to each place we work with,” says Guest.

ABC’s collections are all unisex, with each piece is limited and exclusive.


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