Workers fined for Sogo Department Store noise

Workers doing renovations overnight at Causeway Bay’s Sogo Department Store have been fined a total of $30,500 for causing a noise nuisance.

Eastern Magistrates’ Courts have fined the main contractor, a sub-contractor and a worker engaged by the store after they did scaffolding and renovation works at night without a valid construction noise permit (CNP) in contravention of the Noise Control Ordinance (NCO).

After receiving a complaint about the noise last year, Environmental Protection Department (EPD) officers found that the contractors had carried out scaffolding works at an external wall of the Sogo building and had cleared away debris at the basement late at night.

Prosecutions were issued against Rising Aerial Platform Company, the scaffolding contractor, and the worker, as well as Deco Classic, the main contractor for the renovation works.

An EPD spokesman says construction and renovation works should be scheduled for daytime and on non-general holidays to reduce the impact of noise to nearby residents. If the work must be done during restricted hours, the must first obtain a valid CNP.

First-time offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $100,000. A fine of up to $200,000 may be imposed on second or subsequent convictions.


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