Inside Retail and Tofugear launch digital transformation survey

Inside Retail and retail innovation specialist Tofugear are launching a joint research study into the digital transformation strategies of Asian retailers – the first of its kind in the region.

Through a brief survey among retailers, the study aims to uncover how retailers in Asia are shaping their digital strategies as they look to meet the raised expectations of today’s connected consumers.

While the dramatic changes in the retail sector of recent years has been a global phenomenon, it’s less clear how retailers in Asia are adapting.

Cherry Gu, market director at J Crew, confirms that the region is facing a unique set of challenges.

She says: “I think the death of the store in Asia has been exaggerated because in the end people still like shopping and all the entertainment that provides through the experience and human interaction.

“However, I do believe that digital is an enabler that will make stores more fun and exciting places as well as help to improve efficiencies.”

Inside Retail and Tofugear are urging all retail executives and managers in Asia with knowledge of their company’s digital strategies to participate in the survey.

Not only will respondents be able to benchmark the digital maturity of their own organisation against their peers, they will also be given exclusive access to the findings as well as a physical copy of the flagship 2018 Asia Digital Transformation Report.

The survey will run throughout April and will be followed by the launch of the accompanying report in June 2018.

Click here to take part in the survey.


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