Ying Jee Club interiors reflect prosperity

Interior design company Steve Leung Designers (SLD) has given the one Michelin Star Chinese restaurant Ying Jee Club in Central a sense of refined luxury inspired by the old prosperous Hong Kong.

SLD says it has drawn on an East-meets-West theme for the dining room with emerald and gold detailing and furnishings that symbolise “prosperity” and “success” in Chinese culture to offer guests an elegant and intimate dining experience.

Ying Jee Club is part of the ZS Hospitality Group. Its Michelin-starred chef Siu Hin Chi presents authentic Cantonese cuisine using Chinese cooking techniques with modern elements.

Reflecting the two-storey restaurant’s prime location and culinary characteristics, SLD has enriched the space with champagne gold, stainless steel and Chinese decorations, while lighting designer Tino Kwan uses colour temperature to highlight details.

Ying Jee Club’s ground-level bar features delicate design touches. Its brushed-matte Italian stone flooring has gold lines to complement the brass-coloured, stainless-steel wall and the specially designed metal lattice-patterned partitions that resemble ancient vaults.

Marble staircase

A marble staircase leads up to the dining space where the reception area features a turquoise fabric wall decorated with delicate utensils and traditional Chinese prints on champagne-coloured metal shelving.

The reception area welcomes diners with an eye-catching turquoise fabric wall

By contrast, the dining room is anchored by smoked oak wood flooring and grey wood-veneered walls set into dark wooden frames. A stainless-steel feature wall recalls ancient bank vaults and suggests “prosperity” and “success”, says SLD.

Bespoke design elements bring together the themes and references encompassed in the restaurant design. Tailormade furniture includes vermilion and mustard-hued chairs with the backs embellished with metallic accessories, a reference to cash cabinet handles in ancient times. Bert Frank pendant lamps transform the space into a tableau of old Hong Kong, with every corner dressed with a touch of Chinese art and culture.

Colourful Chinese accents add old-world charm to the dining room.

Along with the window grille, crafted in the shape of an abacus to represent abundance, runs banquette seating in royal blue upholstered with fine materials, complemented by jadeite-coloured utensils and Qilin trinkets on the dining tables.

Open pavilion

A feature of the dining room is an open pavilion, offering an intimate, semi-private space. Special stainless-steel lights highlight the textured dark-green wallpaper and the curved wooden fence that frames the area.

The tailor-made, stainless-steel lights highlight the dark green wallpaper in the stylish semi-private dining space

Ying Jee Club has four private dining spaces, each featuring a chandelier in smoky-green glass and stainless steel. The lighting highlights the cream-hued, cloud-patterned wall with gold stitching, which recalls an embroidered qipao, and Branch Sconce lamps on the corner wall complement the upholstered brown wall panels. The tables are round and decorated.

The designer has enriched the space with champagne gold stainless-steel accents and artistic Chinese decorations

Award-winning architect/interior designer Steve Leung established his first architectural and urban-planning consultancy in 1987, which was restructured to Steve Leung Architects and Steve Leung Designers 10 years later, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. SLD has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.


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