Ranee K teams with John Masters Organics in pop-up

John Masters Organics is collaborating with fashion designer Ranee K as one of the guest brands at the Sun Street pop-up store.

Joining hands with local Hong Kong charity Redress, whose mission is to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry, Ranee K will tailor make a series of modern Qipao dresses using discarded materials that were destined for landfill. Up to 25 per cent of the sales at the pop-up will be donated to Redress to support its work to cut waste out of fashion.

Redress - High levels of clothing and textile waste are disposed of everyday

Redress – High levels of clothing and textile waste are disposed of everyday

Ranee’s love of designing Qipao is due to her passion for conservation.

“It was once fading, and I’d love to revive it,” she says. “It is like a dialogue between the tailor and the one who wears it. It is very sentimental.”

Ranee K also believes that with fast fashion invading modern society, it is too easy for consumers not to think why they want to buy something.

Ranee K

Ranee K


“Fabric is in a way becoming a by-product of fast fashion. Therefore, I find it really meaningful to use these forgotten fabrics to tailor make a new Qipao as a real sustainable piece of fashion.”

Redress founder, Christina Dean says she is thrilled to be working with John Masters Organics and Ranee K to highlight how creativity can transform textile waste into desirable items of beauty.

Christina Dean

Christina Dean

“With 343 tonnes of textiles entering our landfills here in Hong Kong every single day, there is so much potential to rethink our current wasteful fashion model and create a new future for sustainable fashion”.

The collaboration will be showcased at John Masters Organics Sun Street Pop-up Store from May 2 till May 22.


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