Merci Dandy home-delivery styling service eyes growth

Two French nationals who started a home-delivery styling service for men last year are now looking to scale up the business.

The firm, Merci Dandy, runs a lean business model that has helped propel the start-up into early profitability just 18 months after launching. It is positioned as an affordable luxury men’s boutique that offers the convenience of shopping from home.

Chloe Berger and Magali Portes, both Parisians, founded Merci Dandy after noticing the difficulties men face in trying to get great clothes to fit their needs. “We decided to disrupt the market here in Hong Kong by offering a revolutionary and hassle-free way of shopping,” Berger said.

Customers receive a boxed selection of four outfits (15–20 items) curated to their personal style and preferences by the brand’s stylists and couriered to their home. They have five days to return any items they don’t want to buy.

The company represents 25 French brands, some of which distribute solely through Merci Dandy in Hong Kong. Each season, the brands send a range of items from their latest collection, which the firm stores in its Hong Kong warehouse.

The pair are currently seeking to partner with like-minded businesses such as banks, private clubs and trendy restaurants.


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