Michael Kors graffiti capsule to go on show in Asia

Accessories and apparel designer Michael Kors has released a new limited-edition graffiti capsule of jackets, shoes and bags, taking inspiration from the street art of Eighties-era New York City.

The Michael Kors graffiti collection launch has been marked by an elaborate window display installation created by two fashion professionals who lived in New York during the period. The displays will appear in the Michael Kors stores at Mandarin Gallery in Singapore, the Jing’An Kerry Centre in Shanghai, and in Ginza, Japan following exhibitions in New York, London and Milan.

The displays are the result of a collaboration between Candy Pratts Price and hair stylist Christiaan, both iconic figures of their generation. They feature a floor-to-ceiling screen print of Kors in his aviators, as well as rotating mannequins in selfie-snapping poses wearing the graffiti merchandise and sculptural wigs.


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