Diptyque IFC store reopens after renovation

The Diptyque IFC mall flagship has reopened with a brand new store design.

The new look from the Parisian fragrance house is dominated by earth colours, featuring bronze shades and brass fixtures, centered around an art screen created on commission by fine artist Nicolas Lefeuvre.

Diptyque IFC 2

Diptyque IFC 1

Diptyque IFC mall flagship

Speaking about his artwork, Lefeuvre said: “What I really liked about this collaboration was that we really met on this word: ‘landscape,’ because for me, when I’m painting, it’s mostly mental images and landscapes that I see when I travel. Diptyque told me, ‘how we create fragrances is we create olfactive landscapes.

Diptyque IFC mall flagship 1

Diptyque IFC mall flagship 3

That’s why images and memories are really important for us.’ It gives a little bit of 3D to the sense [of smell].”

Diptyque IFC mall flagship 2

Diptyque IFC 3

Diptyque IFC mall flagship 4

The store has released a limited-edition fragrant candle to mark the reopening.

Diptyque’s global communications director Olivia Grimaux said: “The idea is to create by being free from trends, by being innovative and reinventing tradition. A tribute to the city’s soul, the new Hong Kong Candle – HK$650 – is a mixture of rice steam, bauhinia and other characteristic smells of Hong Kong.

Diptyque IFC 4

Nature regains its rightful place within urban density.”


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