Uber Eats Hong Kong opens virtual restaurant

Food-delivery service Uber Eats Hong Kong has partnered with Gingko House to create a virtual restaurant called Popo’s Kitchen.

Offering a menu comprised of “secret family recipes” – reportedly based on actual interviews with Cantonese “Popos” (grandmas) – the service will offer meals prepared at Gingko House and delivered exclusively through Uber Eats.

Moving forward, Uber Eats Hong Kong and Geometry will continue to encourage people to appreciate home food passed down the generations by producing a series of videos featuring PoPos sharing stories behind their dishes, as well as how-to videos on making the dishes themselves.

Creative director of Geometry Mauricio Sanaiote said: “Popo’s Kitchen is a beautiful example of how a great brand like Uber Eats can provide a brand experience with value to society through its platform. Popo’s Kitchen is not just food delivery. It is a restaurant of traditional homemade food inspired, curated and managed by the greatest specialists in the subject, the grandmothers, Popos. It’s a taste of home, delivered to your home.”


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