Mr Donothing re-enacts horror movie scenes at TOP

An art installation at trendy Hong Kong retail destination TOP portrays South Korean character Mr Donothing “re-enacting” iconic horror movie scenes.

The character, designed by artist Cho Hee-jae, is portrayed in memorable scenes from classic Asian horror features such as The Ring, Two Sisters, and Train to Busan. The installations are illuminated by local lighting designers Light With Shade to generate a spooky atmosphere ideal for selfie-taking. The installation will run through to November 1.

Mr Donothing -Make up demo

A pop-up store selling Mr Donothing merchandise has been set up on TOP’s fourth floor, featuring some collectible items that can be claimed using purchase points earned on sales made in the shopping complex.

Hilda Wong, TOP’s branding and creative director, said the younger generation works hard to pursue their dreams, but they also desire a place to chill out to catch their breath from the hectic pace of city life.

Mr Donothing makeup Halloween


“That’s why TOP was created to be a destination for people to hang out and chill. Cho Hee-jae’s Mr Donothing represents the Just Do Nothing spirit, which aligns with TOP’s #gowithmyflow philosophy and spreads the ‘chillax’ attitude making TOP truly a ‘This is Our Place’ for our target customers.”

Also during October at TOP is the Healloween event by South Korean artist Woopsyang, who organised the sixth International Space Out Competition in Hong Kong. This themed contest will have participants dressing up in their scariest costumes to compete in the final on October 6.


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