Santa Academy launches at IFC mall

Hong Kong’s IFC mall is hosting a Santa Academy installation to engage visitors with six interactive checkpoints featuring Santa Claus-themed experiences.

The activities range from learning Santa’s signature “Ho-ho-ho” belly laugh to learning how to dress like Santa. Guests who complete the activities receive a personalised certificate sticker and “graduate” into a Santa after collecting all the required stamps in their e-handbook.

ifc mall Santa Academy - Sound of Santa Hohoho!

The installation is a collaboration between IFC mall and the Northern Lights Santa Academy, a Santa school in the US. Northern Lights Santa Academy founder and dean Santa Rick attended the opening ceremony.

ifc mall Santa Academy - Dressing Room

“I am happy to have collaborated with ifc mall on Santa Academy,” said Rick. “I hope everyone in Hong Kong will have a chance to visit the installation and find your inner Santa. I believe the best gift we can give one another is our personal time, love, and kindness to make the world a better place.”

IFC mall’s Santa Academy is open from November 16 to January 1.

ifc mall’s Santa Academy is open from 16 November to 1 January for everyone to discover their inner Santa.


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