Beauty Land convicted of excessive store noise levels

Hong Kong retailers have been warned to be careful with their store noise levels after a cosmetics retailer was fined for contravening noise ordinances.

Beauty Land, ​a cosmetics store at Shantung Street in Mong Kok, was fined $9000 after appearing in the Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts last week, charged with causing noise nuisance to nearby residents by playing songs continuously at night.

An Environmental Protection Department (EPD) spokesman said the department received a complaint from a resident living near Shantung Street in Mong Kok early this year about the cosmetics store which “persistently playing songs until night”, affecting the daily lives of nearby residents.

EPD enforcement officers conducted investigation and assessment and confirmed that the staff of the cosmetics store played songs inside the premises using loudspeakers, causing annoyance. A noise abatement notice was therefore issued to request improvement.

However, EPD enforcement officers made a follow-up investigation in June only to discover the store was still playing songs after 11pm.

“The sound could be clearly heard inside a flat nearby, which adversely affected the daily lives of the residents,” said a spokesman. “The department then initiated prosecution against the responsible person of the store concerned.”

The spokesman reminded all retail shop operators that when they play music or songs inside the shop premises, they should ensure noise levels do not cause annoyance to nearby residents.

According to the Noise Control Ordinance, anyone who violates a noise abatement notice commits an offence. First-time offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $100,000. A maximum fine of $200,000 may be imposed on second or subsequent conviction.


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