L’Oreal Hong Kong to open SkinCeuticals and Kerastase stores at Fashion Walk

L’Oreal Hong Kong’s beauty brands SkinCeuticals and Kerastase are set to open their flagship store and concept store respectively in Fashion Walk’s brand new beauty hub.

“L’Oreal Hong Kong endlessly looks for retail spaces of development potential,” said L’Oreal Hong Kong president & MD Eva Yu. “The two stores in Fashion Walk feature an exclusive studio for customers to try out every stroke, swipe and dab, which guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience. We’ll put down a remodeling budget of almost $10 million to ensure that our customers will revel in the brand new stores.”

“It’s a real pleasure to have SkinCeuticals and Kerastase – the two top beauty brands of L’Oreal Hong Kong – join us in Fashion Walk,” said Hang Lung Properties director of leasing & management Bella Chhoa.

“Causeway Bay is a magnet for trendsetters, yet we all know how scarce retail spaces are right here. At its prime location in the area, Fashion Walk is obviously the hub of international fashion labels. Last year, we extended our partnerships with a number of cosmetics brands. This year, we’ll keep up with the strategic effort. Our brand new beauty hub promises to bring an unprecedented beauty experience to all stylish minds in town.”

Fashion Walk currently has an occupancy rate of over 95 per cent, housing the flagship stores and concept stores of an impressive array of international chic labels.


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