Izzue and Central Saint Martins bring capsule collection home

The capsule collection created by Izzue and Central Saint Martins unveiled at London Fashion Week comes home this weekend.

The collaboration, which also included sustainability label Phvlo, will go on sale at Izzue stores in Hong Kong tomorrow, at the same time as it hits shelves at Selfridges in London.

The project was performed by Central Saint Martins MA Fashion Design students, under the guidance of course director Fabio Piras. Thirty students worked in teams to design a multi-function garment on the theme of “Transform” with high functionality and versatility being a core requirement. The garment had to be transformable, luxury leisurewear, ideally with couture elements and appropriate to wear all year round.

The winning piece is “a reinterpretation of deconstructionism” that can be transformed into a variety of looks with just five panels of fabrics and a closure: from a chic hooded jacket or an elegant sleeveless dress, adjustable depending on personal preference and needs.

After two months of developments, Harriet Claire Cox and Margherita Mazzola were chosen for their winning design.

izzue x CSM Lookbook Image (6)

“We wanted to do something that felt universal and instinctive, so we looked at a lot of paper craft ideas like origami, how to turn a 2D shape into a 3D shape,” said Mazzola. “We were also inspired by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, who made geometric sculptures and wearable pieces that change shape when the audience interacts with them.”

Cox added: “With the print we wanted to create something that was as playful and tactile as the garment itself. We felt it was important that the print had energy, so the creases of the foil as it was crushed and scanned mimicked that potential for movement and interaction with the garment.”

The final 10-piece capsule co-designed by Izzue and Central Saint Martins empowered by Phlov, includes a coat, two shirt designs, shorts, t-shirt, logo feature t-shirt, hoodie, sports bra, leggings and a waist bag.

The winning team and Fabio Piras were invited to Beijing by Izzue for an exchange with the brand’s design team to get a deeper understanding of the Chinese market. Key themes included learning about commercial requirements, production techniques and processes, and sustainable production methods.

“The winning team will see their design ideas taken into production and communicated across the brand’s retail network globally,” said Fabio Piras.


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