LCX hosts Pac-Man Escape From the Maze with Bandai Namco

Curated retail zone LCX has teamed up with Japanese video-game developer Bandai Namco on a creative project to celebrate the 40th birthday of Pac-Man.

The LCX x Pac-Man Escape From the Maze collaboration is described as a “first-of-its-kind celebration party” taking place at the zone until June 2.

Participants will be welcome to join Pac-Man escaping from the classic maze in the “Pac-Zone”, but the character will also be seen invading the whack-a-mole and claw machines with special friends. The plush characters will also trespass the bowling alley to throw a “Bowling Party”, alongside other promotional and celebratory stunts.

Guests with a passion for nail care can have their fingers “bitten” by Pac-Man via special nail prints at the “Pac-Manicure” experience.

To mark the LCX x Pac-Man Escape From the Maze event, LCX will introduce the first-ever overseas Pac-Store pop-up boutique, selling the Shibuya109 head store’s latest sought-after items.


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