Link’s Temple Mall installs ‘Green-Screen Studio’

Temple Mall has installed a green-screen studio letting shoppers recreate scenes from famous romance movies.

Link’s Temple Mall has installed an in-mall green-screen studio as part of its “Love at First Scene” campaign.

The installation features 15 romantic scenes for shoppers to choose from along with a costume borrowing service and onsite postcards, allowing customers to play the lead roles in the famous love scenes and recreate silver-screen magic.

The experience is capped off with a snapshot at the Romantic Moments photo zone, offering an occasion for customers to have their love stories memorialised in photos. The mall also provides a three-metre-tall selfie wall and six other Insta-worthy spots for customers to confess their love in their own creative way.

Customers who spend a designated amount under the terms of the promotion may borrow costumes to re-enact the scenes. Whether striking a pose in the “I’m flying” scene on the ship’s bow, pledging their eternal love in an Imperial Palace in China, or participating in the moon-landing scene especially for families, their performances will be captured and printed onto postcards alongside famous quotes.

Meanwhile, lovers can take romantic snapshots in front of a 21sqm neon selfie wall with a colossal neon heart at the centre. There are six selfie walls in different corners of the mall, with pose and shooting angle suggestions for the best images.


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