JD launches WeChat group-buying in Hong Kong for 6.18

JD adds group buying in Hong Kong to its Mid-year Shopping Festival.

JD’s iteration of the 6.18 Mid-year Shopping Festival is back for the 16th year running, this time with increased promotions for the Hong Kong market.

Just last year, JD achieved a staggering transaction value of US$24.7 billion during the 18-day sale event.

Operating locally for the second year, JD has introduced group-buying on WeChat Hong Kong and its online platform. Taking advantage of the tech-savvy consumer base, the Chinese retailer is targeting millennials who are social and experience-driven, where information is acquired and decisions shaped from their network.

The pingou (group-buying) service will allow consumers to purchase their desired item at a significantly lower price than the single unit cost once they are able to join – or form their own – shopping ‘team’, with discounts as high as 50 per cent.

The concept proved popular during JD’s previous pingou campaign, its Global Pingou Day on May 24, when it sold 26.2 million products, showing 45 per cent volume growth.

Tiffany Lung is a retail analyst with Tofugear

In conjunction with the shopping festivities, JD is offering HKD$50 million worth of discounts for the market with a number of innovative pricing promotions. Additionally, the e-tailer is also partnering with payment vendors to pass over more monetary incentives to their consumers.

There are more than 50 million products listed, including food and grocery, and daily-lifestyle goods, both popular categories among Hongkongers.

Consumers who spend RMB199 or more are entitled to free shipping within three to five days, sent directly from JD’s Guangzhou distribution centre. JD has also set up more than 100 click-and-collect collect points with local courier services to meet consumer demand.


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