Breitling unveils new concept boutique at K11 Musea in Hong Kong

Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling has unveiled a new concept boutique at K11 Musea, featuring a “modern retro loft style”. 

Occupying a 620sqft space in the new shopping centre, the Breitling boutique features an industrial loft-style concept which the brand says is inspired by a mid-20th-century heritage building and adding modern-retro elements, including Breitling’s neon logo from the 1940s and 1950s. 

“Opening our boutique in the K11 Musea underscores the importance of the market in Hong Kong for our brand. Our new approach blends contemporary design with inspiration from our rich heritage and longstanding ties to aviation,”  said Georges Kem, CEO at Breitling. 

“We think it is perfect to launch our new concept store here since K11 Musea is built upon a rich cultural history in the city; its innovative vision and sophistication for exclusivity and bespoke products coincides with the values of our brand.”


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