Leica Street Photography Festival launches in Shanghai

Leica Camera and Shanghai Jing An Kerry Centre co-presented the first Leica Street Photography Festival last week.

The four-day photography event featured many prominent photographers, and more than 40 selected Leica camera users’ works were presented in the festival to pay tribute to local living.

During the festival, the South Square of Kerry Centre was transformed into a Leica Market, and many kinds of merchandise was unveiled from tiramisu in the form of a Leica camera to camera straps and wooden block camera toys. There was also a dedicated Leica coffee shop.

During the exhibition period from September 20 to 22, Leica also prepared a rich experience to advance photography skills for those who attended the festival. They heard the stories behind the photos of participating photographers, attended lectures that included experts in the Leica Lecture Hall, learnt the history behind photography and experienced a portrait photography course from Leica College for free while riding bicycles and enjoying the streets. They also experienced Leica’s darkroom and developed hand-printed film.

“The spirit of the century-old Leica photography originated from the streets,” read a press release issued by the firm, “and it was carried forward to the field of documentary photography among others, breaking the limits of different environment and equipment. Today, with the ever-changing technology, let us return to the streets, focus on the essence, let go of a bordered way of thinking, and create fantastic photography culture with Leica.”


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