Art and culture centreplace in Victoria Dockside car park design

Interior design studio ST Design has introduced art and culture to what would otherwise have been a bland functional space at the new Victoria Dockside car park, home to K11 Musea. 

In design terms, car parks are usually the poor relative of any modern shopping or public amenity space. But at Kowloon the car park for the 3 million sqft development is so stunning it is arguably worth a tour along with the shopping space, given its artwork and creativity.

ST Design says Victoria Dockside car park is designed to reflect the brand and provide users a “refreshing and inspiring experience”. 

“The whole project aims to offer a kaleidoscope of experiences for visitors to unwind from the mundane of the grey space of the usual car park experience,” said ST Design creative director Stefano Tordiglione. “Our concept for the car park is artistic, unconventional and human – these were the starting points of our design process.”

The Victoria Dockside car park includes 300,000sqft of floor area with room for about 1200 cars. Inside the four-storey car park, vibrantly coloured walls and floors, innovative traffic signs and contemporary graffiti by leading artist Caratoes affect a dynamic atmosphere.

Each floor is also brightened with a different mix of contemporary colours and materials so drivers can easily identify their location; enhancing the experience of visitors getting to their cars.


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