Duty Zero marks second anniversary at Hong Kong International Airport

Duty Zero is celebrating its second anniversary at Hong Kong International Airport, where it now has seven stores.

The event will feature a lineup of 53 hand-picked liquors from around the world, including cognacs, single malt whiskys, blended whisky, wine and Champagne, along with Asian Liquor. 

Hong Kong Duty Zero

To celebrate the anniversary, an exhibition called “Curating the world’s finest sensations” will be held with three thematic galleries, Connoisseur of Distilleries, The Master of Whisky and Wine Specialist, in Duty Zero’s East Hall North and East Hall South stores.

Duty Zero will launched a ‘digital silent auction’ inviting bids on 21 unusual products and the company will also run a lucky draw campaign with prizes worth HK$2 million. 

Duty Zero’s second anniversary runs until December 31.


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