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Goxip mixes fashion, celebrities and shopping

Goxip, a new app developed in Hong Kong, aims at bridging the gap between celebrity fashio…

UK retailers to launch online d-store in China

Experienced executives from UK retailers have joined together with to launch a mid-…

The day that retail changed forever

Jon Bird witnesses a critical baton passing moment for retail.

Grana Singapore pop up opens

A Grana Singapore pop up has opened in the heart of the city’s retail zone, at Orchard C…

759Store to sell online

Discount variety retailer 759Store is to launch an eCommerce site on August 8. launches massive grocery campaign

Alibaba’s has launched a 1 billion RMB online grocery promotion targeting Beij…

Jumei buys into BabyTree

Chinese online retailer of beauty products Jumei has stepped in to finance BabyTree to the…

Grana wins fresh funding

Online fashion retailer Grana has just raised $1.5 million in fresh investment funding.

Uniqlo exits

After just three months on, Uniqlo has pulled out.

Unilever & Alibaba seal pact

Unilever & Alibaba Group have signed a comprehensive strategic partnership that will e…