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Causeway Bay beauty parlour staff arrested

Hong Kong Customs have arrested two people suspected of unfair trade practices at a Causew…

Eyglasses, Shades And Sunglasses In Optometrist's Shop

Macau Customs officials jump on fake glasses

The Macau Customs Service has raided seven chain-store outlets allegedly selling counterfe…

Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back

Hong Kong Customs arrest medicine shop staff

Hong Kong Customs yesterday arrested a salesman at a medicine shop suspected to have appli…

Hong Kong Flower Show

Hong Kong Flower Show stalls auction details

Hong Kong Flower Show stalls will be auctioned on December 6, the government has announced…

Counterfeit sunglass

Raid follows sale of counterfeit sunglasses online

Hong Kong Customs seized counterfeit sunglasses after a tip-off they were being sold on a …


Sham Shui Po shop ordered to close

A fresh Sham Shui Po shop has been given a 14-day trade suspension for illegally extending…


Arrests, seizures after Hong Kong toy retailers raided

Customs officers seized 4700 toys in a series of raids on Hong Kong toy retailers last wee…


Lady M cake walk comes to sticky end

Daigou were capitalising on the popularity of the new Shanghai branch of luxury cake compa…

Hong Kong street

Customs patrols protecting Golden Week tourists

Retailers are being watched under a Customs and Excise Department exercise aimed at protec…

HONG KONG - CIRCA JANUARY, 2016: a jewellery store in Hong Kong. A jewellery store is a retail busin

Cartier parent fined for violating drug kingpin sanction

Cartier owner Richemont North America has been fined US$334,800 for shipping jewellery to …


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