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Genuine Fakes

Macau Customs raids two stores selling counterfeit goods

Macau Customs officers have arrested five local residents after busting a luxury goods cou…

counterfeit phone

Territory-wide counterfeit phone blitz by Hong Kong Customs

A territory-wide Hong Kong Customs raid has resulted in arrests and netted 100 suspect cou…

Silence - shh, noisy, loud

EPD fines noisy vegetable stalls  

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD)​ has fined two vegetable stalls for using …

counterfeit health drinks

Goods seized, two arrests in Hong Kong Customs raid

Items worth about $12,000 have been seized and two arrests made in a Hong Kong Customs rai…

Silence - shh, noisy, loud

Workers fined for Sogo Department Store noise

Overnight renovations at Sogo Department Store have cost workers $30,500 in fines for nois…

Taobao - Alibaba group

Taobao stays on counterfeit blacklist

Taobao has made the USTR counterfeit blacklist again for selling suspected counterfeits.

Digital Hijack

C&ED warns of seized goods scam

Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department (C&ED) has found online promotions for aucti…


Causeway Bay beauty parlour staff arrested

Hong Kong Customs have arrested two people suspected of unfair trade practices at a Causew…

Eyglasses, Shades And Sunglasses In Optometrist's Shop

Macau Customs officials jump on fake glasses

The Macau Customs Service has raided seven chain-store outlets allegedly selling counterfe…

Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back

Hong Kong Customs arrest medicine shop staff

Hong Kong Customs yesterday arrested a salesman at a medicine shop suspected to have appli…


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