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Cosmetic Bottles

Customs officers seize counterfeit shampoo

Hong Kong Customs officers have seized more than 3200 bottles of counterfeit shampoos afte…


Hong Kong restaurateurs hit out at waste charges

Hong Kong restaurateurs doubt a new scheme of waste charges will reduce rubbish at source,…

Macau retails

Macau consumer protection bill further delayed

An amended Macau consumer protection bill will be submitted next legislative year, says th…

people looking menu waitress taking order restaurant

Japanese restaurant fined $36,000 for false description

A Japanese restaurant has been fined HK$36,000 for giving a false description of its barbe…

Capital Cafe

Capital Cafe quits Hong Kong food-truck scheme

Still in its infancy, the Hong Kong food-truck scheme has suffered a setback with Capital …

Jewellery display, expensive gold shop

Hong Kong Customs officers seize fake jewellery

Hong Kong Customs officers have seized suspected fake jewellery at a trade fair.


TST ginseng shop saleswoman arrested

Hong Kong Customs has arrested a saleswoman at a ginseng shop on suspicion of unfair trade…

Special Offer Hooked

Bait advertising costs Hong Kong retailer $10,000

An unidentified Hong Kong electronics retailer has been fined after being found guilty of …


Alibaba seeks tougher penalties for counterfeit goods

Alibaba Group has called for tougher laws, stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties to c…


InvestHK assists record number of businesses

InvestHK helped 391 mainland or overseas businesses establish in Hong Kong last year.


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