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Walmart shopping cart

Walmart sales boom, but bottom line result underwhelms

Walmart sales in the US rose at the strongest rate in more than a decade during the latest…

Best Buy

Surprise Best Buy acquisition of GreatCall ‘logical evolution’

Neil Saunders, MD of GlobalData Retail, describes Best Buy acquisition as “a logical evo…

Merger cancel

Albertsons and Rite Aid cancel planned merger

US retailers Albertsons and Rite Aid have called off their merger plans.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors delivers strong first quarter

Fashion retailer posts better than expected result.

Ivanka Trump fashion label to close down

The emperor’s daughter has no clothes.

Rotherham, Uk - July 10, 2016: Poundworld Discount Store In Rotherham, Uk. Poundworld Has Over 350 S

Last rites for UK’s Poundworld discount chain

It’s all over for the UK’s Poundworld discount chain, which has failed to find an inve…


Violent scuffles, police, tears: welcome to Build-A-Bear

A Build-A-Bear promotion went massively wrong in the UK and US, drawing massive queues out…

Indianapolis - Circa April 2018: Lululemon Athletica Retail Mall Location. Lululemon Athletica Offer

Lululemon Athletica reports strong first quarter

Captainless but not rudderless, Lululemon Athletica has posted a better than expected firs…

HONG KONG - DECEMBER 26, 2015: inside New Town Plaza. New Town Plaza is a shopping mall in the town

Asia drives Michael Kors sales, as America underperforms

Michael Kors sales sored 17.5 per cent in Asia in the last quarter of the 2018 financial y…

HONG KONG - CIRCA NOVEMBER, 2016: close up shot of GAP sign in Hong Kong. Shopping is a widely popul

Old Navy continues to drive Gap’s lacklustre growth

Gap Inc again had to rely on its budget brand Old Navy to deliver modest growth in the fir…


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