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Under Armour sales fall for first time

Sportswear retailer Under Armour sales fell by 1 per cent in the first quarter.

Currency impacts Amazon’s sales growth

Although Amazon’s sales advanced by a respectable 23 per cent over the latest quarter, the…

Burberry sales ‘lacklustre’ despite China boost

Same-store Burberry sales in the second half year rose 3 per cent – a lesser rate than dur…

Primark margins shrink due to pound’s fall

Primark margins fell 1.7 percentage points in its first half year, largely due to the stre…

House of Fraser profit soars under new management

Following a senior team shake-up over the last year, UK department store House of Fraser p…

Tesco analysis: Ghost of the past taints Lewis’ triumph

In a fresh Tesco analysis, David Alexander writes there is plenty to suggest the retailer …

Walgreens sales decline as Boots performance worsens

There is both good and bad news from the second quarter Walgreens sales data.

‘Shocking’ result clouds Game’s future once more  

Game’s future is again under a cloud after a result described by one analyst as “shock…

Next profits fall for first time in decade

Next profits have fallen for the first time in nearly a decade.

China drives Tiffany Asia sales growth

Tiffany Asia sales rose 9 per cent on the back of new store openings in 2016.