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H&M blames weather for poor sales growth

H&M, the world’s second-largest apparel retailer, has reported a four per cent rise in…


Inditex growth soars on store rollouts, weak euro

Spanish-based global fashion retailer Inditex has posted a staffer 28 per cent increase in…

Zara Xidan Joy City

Zara Xidan Joy City reopens

Zara Xidan Joy City has reopened in a new 1800 sqm space, setting a new daily takings reco…


Inditex’s Oysho China debuts online

Oysho, Inditex’s lingerie brand, has launched an Oysho China online store on Alibaba’s…


Zara Asia boosts online presence

Spain’s Inditex Group is expanding its online shopping reach in Asia as it builds the pr…


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