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JIA - Duddell's

JIA Group aims to raise $65m for restaurants

Aiming to raise HK$64.5 million for restaurant ventures, JIA Group Holdings is issuing 215…

Deliveroo HK

Deliveroo Hong Kong launches kitchen concept

Deliveroo Hong Kong has launched a delivery-only kitchen so restaurants can work off-site …

Duddell’s restaurant

Duddell’s restaurant takes artful approach to London

Hong Kong’s two-Michelin-Star restaurant Duddell’s will to open a branch in London thi…

Yenn Wong

Jia Group set for 10th restaurant

Yenn Wong’s Jia Group is about to open its 10th restaurant, a Californian eatery called …

Yenn Wong

JIA Group brings Mak Mak Thai concept to Hong Kong

Pioneering hospitality entrepreneur Yenn Wong is bringing the punchy, aromatic flavours of…


Fish School: Hong Kong’s newest eatery

Fish School, set to open in early October 2015, is an intimate 50 seater restaurant tucked…


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