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The Garnered comes to ground at Landmark

London online retailer The Garnered is showcasing its wares at a pop-up in Landmark in Cen…

Baccarat Hong Kong opens Landmark boutique

Baccarat Hong Kong has opened a boutique in Landmark featuring its full range of products.

Marc Jacobs Hong Kong opens second store

Marc Jacobs Hong Kong has opened a boutique store at Gateway Arcade in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tod’s Landmark introduces new store concept

Tod’s Landmark flagship, just opened, introduces the brand’s new store concept to Hong…

Delvaux Hong Kong opening third boutique

Delvaux Hong Kong opens its third boutique, in Central’s Landmark, this week.

Kpop collection marks Fendi Hong Kong reopening

Fendi Hong Kong has launched a capsule collection with K-pop star TaeYang in tandem with r…

Landmark shopping centre revamps wellness corner

Landmark shopping centre has revamped its third-floor wellness corner.

Iris Apfel introduces her style to Landmark

Iris Apfel was a special guest at the Landmark shopping centre for its year-long promotion…

Caelum Greene Landmark pop-up launches brands

A Caelum Greene Landmark pop-up store this month will launch two new brands in Hong Kong.

Strong year for HongKong Land

Higher occupancy in Hong Kong and Singapore strengthened HongKong Land Holdings’ portfol…