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Asia Pacific’s five most popular cities revealed in Mastercard report

Asia Pacific’s five most popular cities for international travellers – Bangkok, Singap…

Four Asia-Pacific markets account for one-fifth of global travel spending

Visitors from Mainland China, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Taiwan now account for 18.5…

How much do Hongkongers spend on Valentine’s Day?

How much do Hongkongers spend on Valentine’s Day? More than previously thought, accordin…

Hong Kong still among world’s most-visited cities

Hong Kong has made the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index as one of Asia Pacific…

WeChat Pay now embraces non-Chinese credit cards

Tencent’s WeChat Pay is now linking to non-Chinese credit cards for mobile payments.

New Link Asset Park & Dine app will even pay for parking

Link Asset Management’s new Park & Dine app lets mall customers pay for both their s…

New markets embracing mobile shopping

Emerging markets are outpacing more developed countries when it comes to mobile shopping, …

AS Watson Group plans 1400 more stores

AS Watson Group plans to open 1400 outlets globally this year, 60 of them in Hong Kong.

Alibaba targets international Chinese with Tmall World

Alibaba Group has launched Tmall World, targeting 100 million overseas Chinese speakers.

Banks pushing Samsung Pay Hong Kong

With Samsung Pay Hong Kong launching, banks are encouraging use with incentives for custom…


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