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Adidas settles over Rockport bankruptcy dispute

Adidas AG has agreed to a settlement in its Rockport bankruptcy dispute.

Tmall and Intersport open Beijing megastore

Sporting goods retailer Intersport and Alibaba’s Tmall on Tuesday unveiled a co-branded …

Rockport bankruptcy move clears way for sale

This week’s Rockport bankruptcy will clear the way for the sale of the brand’s global …

Sportswear sales growth outshines luxury goods

Sportswear sales grew faster than those of luxury goods in China between 2012 and last yea…

Privatisation plan worth $6.8 billion to Yue Yuen

Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings is set to receive HK$6.76 billion (US$860 million) from a pro…

Victoria Beckham scores $40 million from Neo Investment

Victoria Beckham has raised £30 million from Neo Investment Partners in exchange for a mi…

Steady growth for Yue Yuen

Nine months of growth have been reported by Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings).

Octogenarian new ambassador for Reebok China

Octogenarian actor Wang Deshun, known as “China’s hottest grandpa”, is Reebok China…

Sports shoes rule on Google Hong Kong

Sports footwear has topped the rankings for brand searches on Google Hong Kong this year.

Reebok restructure to be fast-tracked

Details of a Reebok restructure have been unveiled by the CEO of parent group Adidas.